Sidewalk or Curb Repair at 101 Cranford Dr SE

CLOSED 4 months ago #22-00033643
Submitted Sun Jan 16, 2022

Nature of Concern: Protruding Sidewalk Edge (Trip Edge)

Type of Sidewalk: Concrete

Specific Details: Cracked heaved sidewalk approx 10m from end of sidewalk approaching Cranston Ave. Sidewalk heavily used as a shortcut to asphalt pathway in Cranston Ave & by kids using park at Sybilla Kiddle school

Specific Location: See details

If at intersection corner? Not at an intersection

address: 101 CRANFORD DR SE

coordinates x,y: 2002.7924990672175, 5637888.496738587

coordinates lat,lng: 50.8774461, -113.9715413

ward: 12

Timestamp Description
Wed Jan 26, 2022 02:56pm Closed
Sun Jan 16, 2022 03:03pm Opened
Sun Jan 16, 2022 03:00pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone