Fence Concern in a Park at 203 Silverview Wy NW

CLOSED Complete. WAM SR# 1602802. - 2 months ago #22-00829833
Submitted Sun Nov 27, 2022

Fenced off leash park gate by the parking lot os broken.

Describe the concern. I reported a broken gate a week ago. The report was closed. The gate hasn't been touched and is still broken. See the photo of how the locals juryrigged it to stay closed. It is the gate closest to the parking lot.

address: 199 SILVERVIEW WY NW

coordinates x,y: -12717.094797747179, 5662976.728083085

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1028472, -114.1815811

ward: 1

Timestamp Description
Fri Dec 09, 2022 08:22am Closed with status: Complete. WAM SR# 1602802.
Sun Nov 27, 2022 05:26pm Complete
Sun Nov 27, 2022 05:18pm Opened
Sun Nov 27, 2022 05:15pm Submitted via Android Android