Catch Basin / Storm Drain Concerns at 37 Prestwick Pond Tc SE

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Submitted Sat May 04, 2024

The migrating birds have returned and have no home. The draining of this pond and removing sludge have taken a ridiculously long time. I feel the contractor is slow and could be using more efficient equipment to have made this go faster. The Blue Heron that often comes by has nowhere to stand in the shallow water where he usually fishes. The Comorants always hang out on the water circulation device that is run by sun and they have nowhere to do that now, the red neck griebes nest on the embankment that is usually underwater and it is not underwater so they have not returned to nest. The equipment has dug up the entire side of the pond where ducks would go into the shallow water and the Reeds and nest, and they have no nesting area.

Issue: Other - Non Emergency


coordinates x,y: 1975.0206250260158, 5642420.084630893

coordinates lat,lng: 50.91818498646019, -113.9719114277919

ward: 12

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