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Before submitting a request, visit to see where the City is within the 7 Day Snow Plan. If the 7 Day Snow Plan is active, only submit concerns for impassible, hazardous and dangerous conditions. The City of Calgary does not own or maintain DEERFOOT/STONEY. For concerns contact the Province: *DEEFOOT TR or STONEY TR NORTH of 16 Av NW / 17 Av SE call 403-543-8750 *STONEY TR SOUTH (Macleod Tr East to 17 Av SE) call 1-877-898-7623 *STONEY TR SOUTH (Macleod Tr West to Glenmore TR SW) call 1-877-300-1605

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Snow On City Road

Use this Service Request to report Snow and Ice Issues on Calgary roadways, pedestrian and vehicular bridges and stairs. Issues include: Snow and ice clearing requests on roadways and marked bike routes, snow and ice causing flooding, snow fences, snow plowed onto a sidewalk and snow plow concerns pertaining to Snow Routes. Please check Roads' Web Page for Snow and Ice Clearing Update ( NOTE: *The City does NOT maintain private roads.

Service Level Agreement

Roads will investigate within 7 days and will only contact you if more information is needed. If it is currently snowing, please visit Roads Web Page for the Roads Seven Day Plan.


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